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  • How to Participate in the “One-for-One Replacement” Scheme

    To join the "One-for-One Replacement" Scheme, you have to satisfy all the following criteria including arranging to scrap and de-register your "Old PC" and then first register an e-PC ("Replacement e-PC") under your name within the effective period of the Scheme.

    "Old PC"
    (a) The "Old PC" must be in the vehicle class of private car as defined under the Road Traffic Ordinance (Cap 374) when it is de-registered, which can be a petrol driven, diesel driven, plug-in or non plugin hybrid electric or pure electric PC.
    (b) The "Old PC" must have been first registered in Hong Kong for at least 6 years when its registration is cancelled (de-registration) owing to scrapping.
    (c) You must have been the registered owner of the "Old PC" for 18 months or more, without interruption, immediately prior to its deregistration.
    (d) The "Old PC", with or without interruption, must have been licensed for at least 10 months (i.e. 304 days or more) within the 12 months immediately before its de-registration.

    "Replacement e-PC"
    (e) The "Replacement e-PC" must be classified as private car as defined under the Road Traffic Ordinance (Cap 374) when it is first registered, and is a private car propelled solely by electric power and does not emit any exhaust gas.
    (f) The "Replacement e-PC" must be first registered under the name of the registered owner of the "Old PC" when the latter is scrapped and de-registered.

    Timeline of "Old PC" scrapping and de-registration and "Replacement e-PC" first registration
    (g) The scrapping and de-registration of the "Old PC", and submission of first registration application for the "Replacement e-PC" must all be carried out on or before 31 March 2024.
    (h) The de-registration date of the "Old PC" must not be after the submission date of the "Replacement e-PC" first registration application.
    The period between the two dates must not exceed 3 months


    (i) Checking eligibility of the“Old PC”concerned for the Scheme;
    (ii) Arranging to scrap the“Old PC”concerned;
    (iii) Completing de-registration of the“Old PC”concerned; and
    (iv) Submitting first registration application for the“Replacement e-PC”and application for higher FRT concession for the“Replacement e-PC”under the Scheme.

    For further detail, please find them from the Government website stated below:
    One-for-One Replacement Scheme Detail

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