Curren -Promotion

Curren -Promotion

  • Euro 4 Emission Phase-out Program Detail

    A warm reminder from Hyundai to all Euro IV Commercial Vehicle owners!

    The government will phase out Euro IV diesel commercial vehicles and provide preferential subsidies to eligible commercial vehicle owners. Acccording to the plan, the government will provide subsidies ranging from 31% to 37% of the average taxable value of a similar new car according to the age of the vehicle, and provide additional subsidies of 15% of the average value for vehicles equipped with accessories.

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  • Hyundai Commercial Vehicles - Your Best Business Partner

    Hyundai Commercial Vehicles have won unanimous praise in the market for their affordable prices and excellent performance. And with the support by Zung Fu team, it is the best choice for your next purchase.

    Our cargo van H-1 has high market share, superior driving coupled with high loading capacity, making it your best business partner, the H-1 A/T starts at only $298,800.

    Benefits of H-1:
    ✅ Up to 1-ton loading capacity
    ✅ Driving experience matches that of a passenger car
    ✅ 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty (Unique in segment)


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