Free Labour First Inspection
Passenger and commercial vehicles purchased from Hyundai Hong Kong are entitled to a free first inspection detailed below:
  • Passenger Cars
    1,000km / 3 months from first registration date
  • Commercial Vans
    1,000km / 3 months from first registration date
  • Commercial Trucks
    5,000km / 3 months from first registration date
Through such free maintenance check-ups, we are able to make sure that customers are satisfied with their new vehicles, and that every aspect of the vehicle is in good condition. We hope you will enjoy visiting our service centre and experiencing our quality service. These maintenance services are absolutely free of charge except for the replacement of lubricants, fluids or filters.
Regular Maintenance Service

At Hyundai, we take pride in building cars with award-winning reliability. When routine maintenance or repairs are needed, we take an equal pride in making sure you enjoy prompt, professional service at Hyundai Hong Kong.

To maintain safety and enjoy peace-of-mind driving, we strongly recommend that all Hyundai vehicle owners bring in their car to our Service Centres for regular maintenance at least every 10,000km or every six months (whichever comes first).

The service check-up comprises of all standard service items plus change of engine coolant, brake fluid, fuel filter, engine oil, oil filter, air filter, transmission oil, and spark plugs according to the manufacturer's schedule, tightening nuts and bolts on body and chassis, road tests and a detailed inspection report.*

Proper maintenance will ensure optimum performance, greater reliability, longer life span and higher resale value for your Hyundai.

*Please contact our service centre about service programme details.

General Mechanical Work

Hyundai Hong Kong's Service Centres also provide support for all sophisticated general mechanical and electrical systems on all vehicles. For details, please contact one of our Service Centres.

Body Repair & Painting

The worst nightmare of every driver is, of course, a car accident. Repairs are necessary if the accident is a serious one, provided the car is not damaged beyond repair. Repairs are up to the individual's discretion when it comes to maintaining perfection. However, even a small scratch is enough to start the rusting process and there's always the threat of mechanical problems being hidden behind dents in your car's metal skin. Hyundai Hong Kong's Service Centres are designed to handle all these problems.

Hyundai Hong Kong Service Centres are located in Kwai Chung and Tin Shui Wai. We are certified to the Hyundai Standard of Quality. With our professionally trained technicians and our specialised equipment, we can restore your vehicle to mint condition.

All body repair and paint works performed by Hyundai Hong Kong are covered by a 6-month or 10,000km workmanship warranty (whichever comes first) and 6-month or 10,000km parts warranty (whichever comes first) (except worn-out parts) specific to work carried out.

Common Defects of Sub-standard Body & Paint Repairer

  • A range of paint defects including paint peeling off after sometime due to the poor working environment and negligence of proper processes.
  • Improper welding reduces the overall strength of the vehicle's structure.
  • Inaccurate alignment of the frame, which affects the vehicle's performance and induces rattling and other unnecessary noises.
  • Lack of guarantee on service quality.

Only a Hyundai Hong Kong Service Centre, The Approved Hyundai Repairer, can give you quality service and warranty aftersales services.

CTC Service

According to Hong Kong Government Transport Regulations, all passenger cars manufactured six or more years ago are required to take the CTC examination at a Designated Car Testing Centre (DCTC). Moreover, all commercial vehicles are required to undergo the CTC test every year for the issue of a Certificate of Roadworthiness as a pre-requisite for license renewal. Hyundai Hong Kong offer CTC packages to suit your specific needs.